Women in Journalism

Fiona was deputy chair of the campaigning and networking organisation Women in Journalism from 2008 to 2013, and has been an active member since the group formed in 1995.

She takes a particular interest in WiJ research. Fiona was one of the researchers involved in WiJ’s recent study of gender bias in newspapers: ‘Seen but not heard: how women make front page news’ (October 2012), which found that around 80% of front page bylines were male; and only around 20% were female.

Previously, she led two key WiJ studies into the impact of media coverage on young people: ‘Am I Bovvered? What are teenage girls really thinking? ‘ (2007); and ‘Hoodies or Altar Boys: What is media demonisation doing to our British boys?” (2009). In each case, Fiona presented her report findings to an audience of 200 journalists, campaigners, politicians and teenagers at a summit, organised in conjunction with the British Library. Both events resulted in widespread media coverage and generated a genuine debate on these issues (Daily Telegraph, 19 September 2007; Daily Telegraph, 18 September 2007; Independent, 13 March 2009; Guardian, 18 September 2007).

She was senior researcher for the Guardian/London School of Economics ground-breaking research into the August 2011 disturbances, ‘Reading the Riots’.

In 2010, Fiona completed a masters degree (distinction) in criminology at Kings College, London, where her dissertation expanded on her earlier WiJ research into media demonisation of teenage boys.

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